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These bars are amazing!!

I recently switched to an AIP diet to help with my autoimmune issues and I’m eating this way, you are to eliminate chocolate (which I love). So I decided to try these bars as a substitute. Well, I actually like the bars better than chocolate!! I am defiantly a customer for life! Thank you so much, they taste amazing!

Best carob chips ever!

So glad I finally ordered some of these delicious organic carob chips. The order process was easy & delivery was quick. You don’t want to miss these amazing chips to put in your baked goods or simply eat out of the package. Their carob bars are just as delicious. I was having trouble finding carob chips. Not anymore. I have found the best!

Good Alternative to Chocolate for Folks with Kidney Stone Issues

SharkBars are a good alternative to chocolate bars if you get kidney stones. SharkBars are tasty, but they are a little on the expensive side, so I eat them sparingly.


The Aussie carob chips and bars are the best ever! We use the carob chips for baking, candy making and just eating. We know we are making a good choice for our bodies and the planet as carob is sustainable to the environment. Thank you Carobou to have a source available for us!


These are the best carob covered Peanuts I've ever had. I love the combination of peanuts and high quality carob. Hi quality means no cinnamon or nutmeg to change the flavor to cover the low end carob. I buy this product for the quality. It is superior to any I have found. My health is important to me. I usually choose carob covered Almonds because I am more a fan of Almonds, but they are just as good if not better. I highly recommend them.

That Perfect Almond Bar

Another excellent treat with the fine crunch of almonds. That delicate taste of almonds combined with superior carob makes for the perfect sweet snack. I love this candy bar in the evenings with a nice cup of Chai/Roobois tea.


These bars are unsweetened and don't need an added sweetener as they are sufficiently sweet. I hope they make the Koala Krunch in an unsweetened version.

The best!

I’m allergic to chocolate and this is the closest thing to chocolate for me and I love it.

Love The Crunch!

Just more proof that organic sweets offer a delicacy to satisfy anyone's dessert craving. This is the definitive candy bar without any of the caffeine. An incredible carob bar to indulge in.

Best carob I have tried!

I have tried a few carob brands and products before, but Carobou is by far my favorite! Their customer service and communication is outstanding, and their products really are excellent quality. I have tried only the unsweetened so far, but I can't wait to reorder and give their other flavors a try! The unsweetened is perfect too. Not too sweet, and the texture is so silky and melt-in-your-mouth. Would give ten stars if I could!

Aussie SharkBar® Almonds Carob Bar


Super healthy, high fiber carob alternative for lovers of chocolate bars. The krispy brown rice adds a special touch to these awesome, tasty sweet treat bars! Tastes just like a real milk chocolate bar,,,,,,,

Lite mint

This is perfect for the person that does not want to be overwhelmed by the mint. To my surprise. This sharkbar has Peppermint. Which can be very strong.
Peppermint is an incredibly pungent—almost spicy—herb. (Its name is starting to seem a bit more fitting, huh?) And though peppermint is perhaps the better known of the two, it’s actually a natural hybrid of spearmint and water mint.

Amazing Bananna

Wow! This is delicious!!!! The bananna is amazing. Almost like having a bannana split.

The best carob I’ve ever eaten

Carobou bars are the best carob I’ve ever eaten. I like the unsweetened almond kind the best. It doesn’t ever spike my blood sugar, and it satisfies my sweet tooth without making me sick. Thank you for continuing to make this wonderful product!

So good!

I ordered an unsweetened and a sweetened bar and both are absolutely delicious! An easy switch from chocolate. I will be ordering more!

Incredible Treat!

I cannot say enough about this carob bar. It's absolutely superb, to the point I can't get enough after just one bite or two or three. I'm reminded of chocolate bars from my youth, to feel that nostalgia again. Thing is, I no longer miss chocolate after indulging on this carob bar. Many accolades to the makers of these delectable sweets.

Love the Carobou carob chips!

I love the delicious, healthy Carobou carob chips are the best. They beat all other carob chips around! September quality is obvious.

Love the krunch!

It is perfect. Just the right amount of krunch. Not too much. Often when there is a filling it becomes the filler. Not the case. You are getting alot of carob. Just perfect. Healthy too.

Very satisfying!

Just like fresh picked raspberries only better. With a nice mix of organic carob. Excites the taste palate. Bonus! No seed in the raspberries. Not too sweet. Just right. Perfect combination. I was surprised as it is unusual for me to choose a fruit with chocolate or carob. Just might change my way thinking. Thanks for getting me to venture out of my comfort zone. What a nice treat.


Never had carob till i ordered some bars from Carobou and they're good.

Mint Carob Bar

Carob perfection.

Great customer service!

Delicious carob chips